Galbraith   Group


Jam • Funk • Prog • Blues


Taylor Galbraith • Drums 

Josh Galbraith • Guitar      Ashley Galbraith • Bass 

Based out of Clearwater, Florida, Galbraith Group is an instrumental power trio comprised of brother Josh on guitar and sisters Ashley on bass and Taylor on drums. With a sound that is intensely rock n' roll, although heavily veined in blues roots with a healthy dose of conceptual jazz-fusion and funk, this family trio has developed a signature sound built upon heavy grooves and catchy riffs, yet with a distinctly progressive edge that still retains a loose, old-school feel. Compositions lead by guitar driven melodies and intense solos, incorporating lengthy improv, reveal a notable, yet almost transparent communication amongst the siblings, providing an insight to their family intuition.

Galbraith Group's visible bond on and off stage lends greatly to their dynamic expression, passionate live performances, and compelling originals, making their unique sound and live appearances both an intriguing and captivating experience for any audience.

Galbraith Group released two full length albums in the spring of 2017.

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